How we work


Initial Contract and Estimation

After an estimate has been booked, we show up at the desired time and go over the job completely. Feel free to ask any questions during this process and we will as well ask questions and make recommendations based on the size, shape and gamut of the project.

Submission of Estimate

After we provide you with your estimate we request that we have the opportunity to meet with you again in person or by phone if a visit isn't convenient to go over the estimate and potential option variables for the project. There is often more than one way to proceed with a job and these methods can vary in price and or material. We will recommend what we think is best while giving you options to work best for you.


Once the estimate has been accepted

Congratulations; you have chosen to work with Island Mainland Painting! Once you have accepted the estimate and signed we can then proceed to schedule in the project. At that time we may request certain articles be removed by the start date (usually breakables | We handle the heavy stuff!) and would require a key and security code (if applicable) so that we may proceed to work on the scheduled day if you happen to be absent!.

Job Completion

Once the job has been completed, we then go over the estimate/contract with you to verify that all the necessary points have been covered to your satisfaction. Once you are 100% satisfied we will provide you with an invoice for the project. We work hard at building a friendship with every customer and we are certain that you will call us back for any future painting needs :-).